Curriculum Vitæ
Gideon van Melle


Place of Birth: Haarlem (NL).
Date of Birth: 23-09-1944.
Nationality: Dutch.


Project Management, Tropical Ecology and Environmental Forestry, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Profiles.


Dutch: mother tongue.
English: written, read and spoken: very good.
Spanish: written, spoken and read: good.
French: spoken and read: good, written: regular.
Portuguese: write read and speak: good.
German: spoken and read: good written: regular

Higher Education

1963—1966 Royal Institute for the Navy, Den Helder. Education for Navigation Officer of the Royal Netherlands Navy.
1966—1974 Agricultural University Wageningen/The Netherlands. Degree Ir. (extended M.Sc.). Principal subjects: tropical silviculture, tropical soil science, nature conservation/management, erosion control.
1968 Practical Forestry Training School, Heidemij, Arnhem/the Netherlands [IPC] Field training in forest exploitation and inventory, use and maintenance of forestry hand-tools and power-tools (6 weeks' certificate course).
1980—1981 Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC), Enschede / the Netherlands. Postgraduate course on rural; survey techniques, including terrain analysis, range management, land evaluation, aerial photo-interpretation.
1991—1992 Open University Course Environmental Economics. Certificate first module.

Work Experience

2017—present Volunteer for Natuurmonumenten

2010—2014 Senior Expert at volunteer organization PUM

2003—2010 Ambassador for Seniorweb

aug 2010 Indonesia - Assessment and evaluation of forestry aspects in NGO projects trees4trees as Senior PUM Expert

1998—2003 IT Professional. PinkRoccade Finance NV, outsourced to Aegon Insurance company NV as System and Application manager of MIS of the Human resources Staff unit. See also my ICT profile

1995—1998 Freelance tropical forester and phyto-ecologist. Consultant on environmental issues and tropical forest exploitation of the Dutch Green Party (Groenlinks) of the Netherlands. Consultant for small projects on environmental protection of tropical rainforests of Africa to the Union of International Nature Conservation IUCN.


Kenya 1994—1995 Team Leader and Resident Project Co—ordinator of Kenya's Indigenous Forest Conservation and Management Program. The project concerned the Forest Reserves of Mnt. Kenya and the Mangrove Reserves of Lamu. Work consisted of daily financial and technical administration of the project, coordinating of the project activities, acquisition of material and consultants. Studies on the management for rational use of the indigenous forests of Mnt. Kenya area and the mangroves in the northern coast of Kenya.

Cape Verde 1987—1991 SARDEP Forestry expert, Head of the sub-project "Integrated rural Development on Planalto Leste". The main task consisted of management and control of afforestation activities and erosion control measures in the Upper Catchment Area of the Island of Santo Antão. Installation of a small sawmill for the transformation of timber, which includes the preparatory field inventories for extraction and exploitation. Forest nursery techniques adapted to modern appropriate technology. Responsible for a work force of 800. Two main nurseries. Setting up of a Nature Education Program, aimed at increasing awareness of the local population for the environment. Formation and training of a professional forest exploitation team. Long term forestry planning. Land-use planning and introduction of better methods for agro-forestry. Planning of rural and forest roads. Research in root systems, nursery systems, soil composition of nursery soil mixtures, 15 locations with tree elimination trials. Collecting flora specimen and updating the herbarium. Compilation of forest tree manual. In-field practical training of 30 forestry guards.

Costa Rica 1981—1985 Expert in tropical ecology and forestry for the Costa Rican Nature Conservation Association (ASCONA).The work consisted of giving advice to solve a wide range of environmental problems, i.e.: pollution, erosion, illegal cutting of forests, and overgrazing in tropical low-land mountain and mangrove forests. Supervision of the practical work of some students of the ITCO in Cartago, concerning tropical forest inventories. Tutoring students from WAGENINGEN Agricultural University in the field of coastal water pollution research. Member of the advisory staff of the agro-forestry project of GTZ/CATIE in Puriscal. Studies in actual land use and land capacity with the aid of aerial photo interpretation in two pilot areas. The results of this work were published as articles or technical reports. Taking care of Public Relations for the Association: radio and television talks, writing articles in newspapers and magazines. Results and recommendations have been laid down in a report.

Mali 1977—1980 Associate expert in ecology. After helping to prepare the actual starting up of the project, the scientific work consisted of inventory of the flora and wildlife in the National Park "Boucle du Baoulé" and studying the relation between the large herbivores and the vegetation. The setting up of a reference field library and a reference herbarium. Taking charge of the fieldwork concerning vegetation analysis, supervising students from Holland and Mali. Results have been written up in two reports, concerning the period of preparation in Holland and the fieldwork in Mali.

Netherlands 1975—1977 Associate expert in ecology for the wildlife management project RURGS (Recherche de l'Utilisation Rationnelle du Gibier au Sahel) at the Nature conservation and Management Department of the Agricultural University Wageningen. As an ecologist I helped to choose the project area in Mali, West Africa, went with a team for 1 months to Mali and helped to write the project proposal and to prepare the project. In connection with this I made a study trip to the national game reserves of Kenya and Tanzania and visited the regional offices of the FAO in Rome and the IUCN in Switzerland.

Netherlands 1975 Scientist at the Tropical Forestry Department of the Agricultural University, WAGENINGEN. The job consisted of statistical manipulation of growth data from a trial area in a lowland rain-forest in Surinam. The results of this study have been written up in an internal report.

New Zealand 1970—1971 Six months contract as Research Scientist at the New Zealand Forestry Research Institute in Rotorua. Studies concerning the possibilities to grow Poplar trees for pulp and paper production in connection with hydric erosion control. The results of this study have been published in a F.R.I. technical report # 29, of the New Zealand Forestry Service.


Indonesia Aug 2010 Advise and Evaluation on sylvicultural aspects at projects of NGO Trees4Trees as Senior Expert of PUM

Guatemala Nov—Dec 1993 NedWorc/DGIS. Short mission to Guatemala. Reformulating of a rural development project financed by IFAD and the Netherlands. Analysis of the soil conservation and forestry components, assessment of the projects environmental impact. Strengthening of the forestry and conservation components of the project. Formulation of additional forestry projects.

Belarus Sep 1993 ARCADIS BV, Arnhem. Short mission to Belarus. Environmental Impact Assessment of a proposed National Forestry Exploitation Project to be financed by World Bank. The possible adverse impact of a proposal for intensification of forestry exploitation on the environment were investigated and mitigating measures proposed.

Kenya 1991—1992 CTS-Ekono-Oy, Helsinki -Finland Specialist in Environmental Forestry/Afforestation, CTS Consulting (Ekono) OY, Finland, member of consulting team assigned to prepare the Kenya Forestry Master Plan. Various short missions to Kenya. Evaluation of existing projects and programs concerning Farm and Community forestry. Evaluation of agro-forestry trials. Socio-economic study concerning agro-forestry related small enterprises and domestic industries. Project proposals concerning agro-forestry, silvo-pastoral grazing systems and soil-conservation in the arid and semi-arid zones of Kenya.

Mali Oct 1992 AGRER, Brussels October 1992 Short mission to Mali, to evaluate the status of Wildlife in the National Park "Boucle du Baoulé" and propose future actions for detailed inventory and management plan. The area was visited during two field trips, and one low altitude flight by small aeroplane. Wildlife was counted and the vegetation assessed on frequency and abundance of species. Impact of human settlement in the NP on wildlife and vegetation was evaluated.

Costa Rica Apr—May 1991 DGIS Short mission to Costa Rica in March to evaluate Forestry Development Fund Program for afforestation and management of natural forests funded by the Debt-Swap for Sustained Development. About 30 projects concerning community forestry, farm forestry and nature conservation were visited and evaluated. Suggestion were made concerning future management and expansion of the program.

Netherlands Aug—Sep 1993. ARCADIS BV. Temporary collaborator as Expert in Tropical Eco-forestry. Acquisition of projects.

Netherlands Feb 1992. Haskoning BV. Temporary collaborator as Expert in Tropical Eco-forestry. Acquisition of projects.

Netherlands 1990—1991. EFD Breda. Temporary collaborator as Expert in Tropical Eco-forestry. Acquisition of projects.

Netherlands Apr 1990. Agro Vision Holland BV. Temporary collaborator as Expert in Tropical Eco-forestry. Acquisition of projects.

Costa Rica 1986—1987 Free lance consultant. GTZ - Costa Rica, CCC - Costa Rica. Studies on the estuaries and mangroves of Puntarenas. Assistant manager of Sea Turtle Research Station Tortuguero. Land evaluation studies for the GTZ project in Puriscal.

Central America 1987 A short mission as a forestry expert for the EU, visiting Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, to analyse the forestry situation and to formulate recommendations for interventions by the European Union in a regional Project, concerning export of tropical timbers to the European Union, the conservation of tropical Forests and utilisation of secondary forests. The Project aimed at the co-operation of the six member countries.

Other relevant skills

Extensive knowledge of personal computer hardware and OS software for IBM platforms. Long experience (since 1983) with word-processing software (WP 5.2 -6.1) for DOS and Windows. Spreadsheet software (Lotus-123, Excel 5.0), Database software (dBase IV, Access 2.0). GIS (Mapinfo), Accountancy (MYOB 5.0) etc. Multimedia programming in Winhelp format.

Relevant publications

see also: WUR Library
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1992 Reafforestation in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of KENYA. KFMP, MENR, Nairobi, Kenya.


Travels. Central America, Mexico and California. Sailing trips in the Caribbean Islands St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Bequai, the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Guadeloupe, and Barbados. Travels in Zuid Amerika: Surinam, French Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador and Amazonia Brasil. Trips in Africa: Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenia, Mali, Ivoorkust, Senegal, Egypt, Tunesia, Cape Verdian Islands. Trips to New Zealand and Australia.

Hobbies and sports. Drawing, Washed drawing, photography, website development and programming, Scuba diving, snorkling, sailing, windsurfing, race rowing, hockey.

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