Gideon's Website

Who am I?

A Dutch male person, years of age.

What am I?

A retired Expert in Tropical Eco-forestry & Nature Conservation with a long career in protecting and managing tropical forest Reserves in Central America, East and West Africa. A second career as Mainframe Developer, Application developer and functional / system administrator.

A former PUM senior expert and former Ambassador of Seniorweb and now a volunteer for Natuurmonumenten on the Veluwezoom.

An artist of figurative and surrealistic drawings and watercolors. Mainly with the relationship "Environment and Men", as subject. A former Windows' Help Author, making stand alone online help files with e.g. Tips for "Windows" and translator of application interfaces.

What did and do I do?

Here you find my general Résumé

Here is a list of my exhibitions with samples of paintings and drawings.

A photographer of 360° Google spheres and macro-photos

Macro-photo albums

This is a map of my travels: Travelmap

Houses where I lived.

A couple of bicycle track can be seen on Wikiloc or on Everytrail.

Here are my relevant publications

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