Gideon's Website

Who am I?

A Dutch male person, years of age.

What am I?

A retired Expert in Tropical Eco-forestry & Nature Conservation with a long career in protecting and managing tropical forest Reserves in Central America, East and West Africa. An artist of figurative and surrealistic drawings and watercolors. Mainly with the relationship "Environment and Men", as subject. A Windows' Help Author, making stand alone online help files with e.g. Tips for "Windows" and translator of application interfaces.

What did and do I?

Here you find my general Résumé

Here is a list of my exhibitions with samples of paintings and drawings.

Here a website with my artwork:

Houses where I lived.

This is a map of my travels: Travelmap

A couple of bicycle track can be seen on Wikiloc or on Everytrail.

Here are my relevant publications

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